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is this for?

Coaching can help everyone, but it isn't right for everyone, so if you want to know whether or not our services are right for you, see the information below. 

Who is this for? 

Anyone who is:

  • Motivated to improve their level of joy & health

  • Wants a practical blend of emotional exploration, psychometric tests, practical advice, and goal setting

  • Willing to talk about the big picture of life

  • Open to making small changes & tweaks to specific habits, behaviors, and patterns

  • Interested in increased self-knowledge 

  • Longing for life balance

  • Wanting more confidence & clarity 

  • Wanting more direction & guidance 

  • Would prefer to be empowered to tap into their own wisdom - than get someone else's easy answers (no '7 Steps to Happiness' here)

  • Ready to let go of fear, anxiety, blame and hurt 

  • Open to letting go of what they are "supposed to" want/do/be/have, and write their own story 

What do we have 

experience with?

  • People in times of transition & change 

  • Lack of career and/or life direction 

  • Conflicted or troubled relationships

  • Couples needing communication support

  • Businesses needing a happier workplace culture

  • Anyone who wishes they had a passion or dream

  • Anyone with a passion/dream, but no plan

  • Lack of self-knowledge

  • Lack of self-acceptance

  • Lack of self-love

  • Lack of self-confidence

  • Anger, judging self and others, and resentment

  • Trouble speaking your truth & being authentic

  • Trouble improving life without "rocking the boat"

  • Can't shake a repeating pattern e.g. same crappy boss, relationship, work, etc. keeps appearing.
  • Fear of failure (or success)

  • Depression 

  • PTSD & trauma 

  • Anxiety 

  • Phobias

  • Insomnia & sleep disturbances

  • Chronic pain & brain injuries

Who is this NOT for? 

Anyone who: 

  • Hasn't chosen to work with us themselves (maybe sent by a spouse, boss or parent)

  • Only wants a magic bullet, a quick fix, or an easy answer 

  • Isn't willing/wanting to delve deeper into their emotions, motivations, and values 

  • Doesn't enjoy personal & professional development 

  • Believes the problem really lies with everyone else (the blame game)

  • Thinks that being happy, healthy, & fulfilled is selfish (but we would love to change your mind)

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