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What graduates say about...



What they say...

...about the Transforming Communication Course
Very valuable, and life changing.
- Raquel, Whangarei

The instructor was mind-blowing with his skill in delivering [and] role modelling communication. Appreciative of David's gift for sharing his expertise in a caring manner. I found it helpful to attend the [course] to help deal with personal issues I have communicating with an ex partner and [with] conflict resolution in the work place. [I value the] sense of calmness and feel I have tools to deal with conflict situations.

-Sue, Whangarei

Learnt valuable skills for communicating and found the reasons why often my good intentions go sideways. The practical exercises [in] build[ing] rapport, conflict resolution, and in making "I messages" allows greater listening in relationships and at work.

-Rosie, Christchurch

A lot to take in/absorb, fun, engaging, enjoyable, a great new experience with new skills to implement. Looking forward to some excellent and positive results that will impact my life favourably.

-Kay, Whangarei

[The course showed me]...How to reflective listen to enable people to feel heard and understood. Also how to speak my truth confidently and value myself the same as others. Very valuable and has already been ground-breaking for me.

- Viv Green, Whangarei 

A great opportunity to get clearer about how one's communication lands and how it can be modified to get different or enhanced results.

- Shona Kelley, ADR Mediator, Org Coach, H & S Consultant, Whangarei

 [A workshop] exploring how to communicate and build genuine, closer, respectful connections with others...unpacking the subtleties of building rapport & reflective listening.  David – kudos to you for your deep commitment to learning, connecting and sharing. I salute your sensitivity to others and natural capacity to both nuture and empower your learners. With gratitude and respect.

- Cameron Tukapua, Chinese medicine Practitioner & Educator, Whangarei


At all times [David] was consistent in use of the TC skills, providing a genuine model and enthusiastic support of the skills... [I valued]...the depth of focus in each concept and the practical exercises. Especially Reflective listening: as a means of developing the persons's own problem-solving; and in Conflict Resolution combined with “I statements”.

- Nola Wicks, Therapist

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