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Timeline Therapy can help with anxiet, sadness, and anger

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Release negative emotions

Feeling angry? Afraid? Sad? Low self-confidence?


Struggling to get on with life and push past your feelings?


Timeline Therapy™ is a process that comes from neurolinguistics and Hawaiian Huna, that works to release emotions that cause feeling of stress in the mind and body.


A Timeline Therapy™ session may involve going through emotions methodically (anger, sadness, fear, and guilt) to help clear the emotional background noise.

A session can also involve emotions that are specific to just you and your current situation.


EXAMPLES of what Timeline Therapy™ might be useful for:


  • the hurt that prevents you from trusting others

  • the frustration that bubbles up in conversations with a spouse

  • the emotions around an old boss that made you feel useless

  • the loneliness or boredom that precedes a binge-eating session

  • the fear that people will judge you if they knew how hard you struggled


There is really no limit or end to the emotions that you can use this process on.


How it works: in Timeline Therapy™, we go back to the moment an emotion was born within you. Rather than reliving old hurts and traumas, we stay distant from the memory using powerful imagery. 

In this case, we visualize a line stretching back through time, through your current lives, and your previous lives. In this instance, past lives are a metaphor for the way the subconscious brain stores information and data.


From this place of safety and distance, we can heal and release the 'stuck' emotion, and replace it with new learnings and wisdom.

When the original root cause is healed in the past, the You living in the present can move on.


This technique is so powerful, some clients cannot even remember WHY they felt so upset at the beginning of the session when they first arrived, before doing the process.


This is why Timeline Therapy™ remains the most popular technique in modern neurolinguistic programming.



According to a 2009 clinical trial, Timeline Therapy™ was found to be more effective than classical hypnotherapy or neurolinguistic programming (using disassociative techniques and not Timeline Therapy™) in 64 participants for acute stress.

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