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The Self-Sabotage Exercise

Before doing any deeper neurological or subconscious work with clients, we always, always, always run through this exercise. 

When we haven't, often changes do not stick, and old behaviours come creeping back in. 

But it is so easy for people to learn to do this for themselves. 

This exercise (also known in neurolinguistic programming as the "ecology check") reveals the subterranean conversations occurring in our subconscious. 

Most of us have had this experience: when we want something, but we feel torn. 

Or, we want something, but somehow we are always shooting ourselves in the foot. 

We don't ring back that person, or book the appointment, despite it feeling important and essential to happiness and wellbeing. 

The answer isn't to white-knuckle your way through sheer willpower. 

The answer is to discover what your subconscious is desiring and needing, and promise to honor it, no matter what. 

Instead of being divided within yourself, move forward as a whole.

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