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Weight loss with NLP coach

Want to experience The   Slender Eating Strategy?

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Slender Eating Strategy


Want to develop a healthier relationship with food? 

Understand how to eat healthy, but not putting the knowledge into action?

Do you eat compulsively, or experience emotional eating? 

The Slender Eating Strategy is a process that enables choosing healthy & balanced meals. Often our reasons for what we eat & why have more to do with emotions, memories, and the effects of food on our neurochemistry, than anything to do with health and wellbeing. 

Often we try to eat better, eat healthier, eat less, or eat better quality food, but something stops us. 

If you have to spend the rest of your life fighting yourself over nutrition and food, it is going to result in an exhausting life full of inner conflict. 

With The Slender Eating Strategy, we programme the brain to align to your values and goals around food, aiming to disconnect compulsive habits and rewire the mind for increasing freedom around decision making. 

You also can experience inner release and healing around emotions that trigger emotional eating. 

Some of the benefits of The Slender Eating Strategy includes:

  • Reduced "emotional" cravings for food 

  • Restoration of balance with physical hunger​

  • More enjoyment of food 

  • Less anxiety with meals

  • Improved weight control 

  • Possible financial benefits from less snacking and smaller meals


History: The Slender Eating Strategy was devised by NLP researchers who wanted to understand why some people could make effortless choices that resulted in healthy eating and better weight control. They modeled "slender" people and their behaviours, mindset, emotions, etc. finally putting together a process that would help others.

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