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Experience lightning-fast transformation in a single session.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” 

- Anatole France, writer

Want to make 2019 your best year?

Ready to improve your habits, reduce weight, or improve self-confidence?

Need some expert help with stress, anxiety, or phobias?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and life coaching have both been shown to be effective in studies for helping a wide range of issues. The beautiful part is that you don't need to go to counselling for years. NLP processes have been shown to cause positive changes in a single session.


Your brain has always been capable of one-trial learning - like burning your hand on the stove. You learn that lesson pretty darn fast. Through understanding the brain, neurology, neuroplasticity, and how it programmes information, habits, skills, memories, and beliefs, we can take advantage of the brain's ability for one-trial learning to improve your life.

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of clients, and know how powerful and quick this is.


Most of the research on NLP centres around weight control, PTSD, allergies, phobias, depression,  and stress/anxiety, but we often have clients come to us with the following issues:

  • marriage conflict

  • low self-confidence

  • loss of life direction

  • struggling with difficult or overbearing boss/spouse/family/co-workers

  • performance anxiety & stage fright

  • financial problems

  • emotional triggers & old wounds

  • ADHD & learning difficulties

  • indecision & feeling stuck

  • creative blocks 

  • over-eating

  • chronic health problems & chronic pain 

Some people receive more clarity about what they really want, and where to go from here. Others get powerful shifts, and healing experiences, as we work on the deep subconscious to lift the blocks that hold you back. Sometimes people need to come for a tune-up later, and others get permanent change in 2 hours. It is very different for each person, and even different for each session with returning clients.

After NLP and life coaching helped us to move past our own blocks and wounds, and we created the life we always wanted, we wanted to offer other people the same chance to experience this magical and researched-backed technology of the mind and heart.


A single coaching session can transform your life
Who is the coach? 

David Gill MNZANLP is a registered Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Eriksonian Hypnotherapist, Timeline Therapy™ Practitioner. teacher, actor, writer, singer, and little-white-dog owner. He is a qualified instructor in Transforming Communications™ and it is his mission to create a world where all people are accepted, and loved - no matter who they are. 

“Brains aren’t designed to get results; they go in directions. If you know how the brain works you can set your own directions. If you don’t, then someone else will.”

- Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP


Sunday​ 11:30am to 5:30pm

Monday 11am to 7pm

Tuesday 11am to 7pm

Wednesday 11am to 8pm

Other times by special request.

What is the cost? 
For the cost of the programme you have two options: 
                                            * BE QUICK - discount only until 1st May 2019
What do clients say? 

"Dave is very, very engaging with outstanding knowledge and skills…he is so expressive and entertaining and completely exceeded my expectations with his ability to deliver his material…Thank you Dave for an awesome afternoon, I look forward to the next session!"

- Stephanie, Auckland.

“My coaching Session with David was great. It put a lot in perspective for me. Now I’ve got a new job and I am very happy. He did a great follow up. I highly recommend his professional service and approachable personality.”

Daniela, Whangarei

"The NLP session  was fantastic and made me feel empowered and in control of my situation. I would definitely recommend that anyone go that needs help with any situation in their life and David is great to work with as he has a very gentle approach".

Kia, Whangarei

"If you have any emotional blocks or would just like to polish your voice or presentation skills David is the man for you to see. He is an inspirational and passionate voice coach with a wealth of knowledge in performing and presentation skills. I have had the privilege of having individual coaching with him as well as attending one of his voice workshops. Using his skills as a voice coach and an NLP practitioner, I have learnt to speak clearly and present myself with confidence. In my individual sessions with David I was able to work on personal blocks that prevented me from feeling comfortable speaking in front of groups. I have greatly improved my confidence in public speaking and have recently presented a workshop of my own in which I felt totally relaxed and confident."

Patricia, Christchurch

“I was feeling quite lost with my work and my life direction when I came to see David. He really helped me to see the ways I wasn't looking after myself, areas in my life I wasn't being authentic, and helped me to resolve a hell of a lot of inner conflict. Thanks to David and his coaching, I have left a good job that I wasn't enjoying, I am starting a new business of my own, and I feel the most comfortable in my own skin that I have ever felt before! Thanks David, it really has changed my life each time I have come to see you. Highly recommend your services to others.”

Joe, Whangarei

"Dave is amazing, and the shifts he can help you achieve are nothing less. I have recommended several members of my family see Dave, and each have come away with astounding results.
My 17 year old was failing physics and english, and in just a few sessions, Dave taught him a few tricks which saw him passing at the end of the year.
His workshops in communication are also invaluable.
If you want real, meaningful change - talk to Dave!"

- Kate, Whangarei

 "Anxiety is a warning sign from the unconscious mind to focus on what you want."
– Tad James, PhD

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