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Write the end of the day, before you get out of bed...

I remember this trick more than I forget nowadays. But I do still forget. But when I remember, it's really cool. Before you get out of bed in the morning, say "I have had an awesome day, everything has somehow worked out for the better...". If you are going through a challenging day, perhaps you are going to a funeral, or you have a challenging meeting ahead, then write how you want to have experienced it. For example "I have felt supported, heard, and seen today", or "Even though this is a challenging time, I have found someone to connect and be real with, someone to listen to me, and I have been able to make someone's day better". The important thing, when we are writing the story of our lives, rather than letting others do it for us, is to imagine ourselves as the authors of our own destiny. Not other people. Not the voices in our head - perhaps parents, or teachers from the past, or ex partners. Or anyone critical. We need to find the warm, kind self - the voice that belongs to him or her. And use that voice to author our days, as if they have already happened. Grammar is important here. Not "I will have a good day". But, "I HAVE HAD a good day". Your unconscious mind believes what you tell it. If you put the picture of your good day out there in the future, by using the word "will", then it will stay out there - in the future. We need to step into the future we desire, as if we have it now already. It can take a while longer to manifest. That's why patience is important. And that's what faith is. Holding on to the imaginary picture AS IF it's real now, so that it FEELS true. Your unconscious mind will produce feelings for a movie you are watching. You might laugh, cry or jump out of your seat. It does the same thing in response to the movie in our minds - our imagination. Our feelings respond to that movie. And our feelings generate an atmosphere around us that people pick up on. So, visualise the end of the movie of your day before it has begun. Imagine getting into bed that night having had a great day. And say those words, as if already true, before you even get out of bed. And notice how the day changes, even in little ways.

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