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Why Your Dreams Are So Important

Your Real Dreams is not just a wishy washy concept or fantasy – it’s central to human motivation, dignity, identity, autonomy and self respect. It’s about your dreams – no one elses.

It’s about the dreams that feel authentic to you, that generate a strong, positive sensation in your body – the dreams that light you up, put a spark in your eye, music in your voice and a dance in your step.

We know when your dreams are real – because of the responding YES that is spoken when your dream is named, the way you jump out of the chair and get excited, or the quite, involuntary smile that starts to spread from ear to ear.

We also know Your Real Dreams by what happens when they are snatched away. The sadness in the voice, the loss of energy, the lack of vitality in the way you move, the catch in the throat, the knot in the gut, or the tears that flow when someone refuses to hear our dreams or dismisses them outright.

In adulthood, this might have happened so many times we just experience a numbness or a sense of feeling a bit lost or weighed down with duty and obligation and a feeling that our real dreams don’t matter anymore.

But they do matter! It’s very difficult to answer the question “Who am I?” – in some ways it’s an unanswerable question. But our dreams give us a sense, or feeling, of that answer. They are a big clue. And they take us about as close as we can get to knowing ourselves, and each other.

But, we need to voice those dreams. Make them real. Be seen. So we can be seen. So I hope you will join with me today to bring those dreams out of the closet, dust them off and show them the light of day so that you can enjoy the joy of being fully you – and others can enjoy you too!

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