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Do you or your child struggle with spelling?

The feelings of frustration and embarrassment when you struggle with spelling are not pleasant. There is some good news on this however: there is a way to teach your brain to spell words easily and quickly, even if you have struggled with this in the past.

The NLP Spelling Strategy... a fun, easy to learn process. It's also a reliable method you can use over and over which builds self esteem and confidence at the same time.

How long has it been around?

I am a former high school teacher of English. I first trained in NLP in 1996 where I learned the NLP Spelling Strategy which was invented in the 1970s. It's fast and effective and anyone can learn to do it.

I assumed it would catch on quickly. But for some reason it has not but it's starting to gain acceptance now - see *below. It's one reason why I left teaching to set up my own NLP practice. Adults or children can learn to spell words forward and backwards in under 60 minutes using this technique.

How many sessions do I need?

The spelling strategy itself does not take long. However, the real value in learning this strategy is:

1. Building confidence

2. Learning how your brain works and how amazing it is

3. Learning how to learn in a faster way - not just spelling, but other things as well

4. Habit forming.

To ensure you embed the new habits, I offer the Spelling Strategy as 4 sessions: the first 3 sessions are weekly, then we have a gap of a few weeks before the 4th and final session.

How long is each session?

Each session is 60 minutes and it works out at $75 per session or $300.

I think my child needs this...

It's fine if you want to bring your child. I ask that at least one parent is present because it is a chance for you to see how amazing your child's brain is and the ways in which it is unique. If your child has been given negative labels at school because of the way they learn, it can be healing for both you and your child to actually discover how marvellous their mind is. NLP is a great way to reveal your child's true abilities.

Does this work for adults?

It can be awesome for adults to discover exactly how their brain works when spelling words. They get the tools to change what they do so they get better results really quickly.

Give me a call and lets have a chat about how I can help you, your child, or people in your family or workplace improve their spelling and confidence with literacy.

What research is there into this?*

Fellow NLP colleague, Andrea O'Hagan offers a coaching service in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand and undertook a classroom-based research project in 2017 into visual imaging with the Spelling Strategy through the University of Waikato.

Andrea is passionate about showing teachers and schools how to use these techniques with students and runs in-school training workshops around the country. She trained with Olive Hickmott in the UK who has taken the NLP Spelling Strategy and developed and promoted it widely there. You can learn more about Andrea's work here: or here

Most NLP Practitioners are trained to offer the Spelling Strategy. It's great that Olive and Andrea have decided to focus on this area and get it more widely known.

If you would like to experience the NLP Spelling Strategy for yourself, or you know someone else who would be keen, contact me today for an in person or online consultation or find an experienced NLP Practitioner near you. To learn more about NLP Accelerated Learning, click here

Phone 0275 11 69 94 or email or if you just want to book an appointment online now and get it sorted click here

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