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So many ways to reduce stress & relax...

At YOUR REAL DREAMS life coaching we offer so many amazing ways to channel stress and achieve greater relaxation in your life:

We offer:


• Outcome based life coaching -

this focusses your mind on what you want instead of what you don't want - retraining your subconscious mind to do this is the first step. If you want to see the research studies into the effectiveness of life coaching, check out our research page here: • Eriksonian hypnotherapy - this is a light form of hypnotherapy where you stay in in control - it's a relaxed state like a daydream or listening to a good bedtime story where your mind is relaxed and more open to new suggestions & pathways to success

• Reiki - this is the application of warmth or energy to the client - sometimes remotely, other times in person - the client sits in a chair or lies on a massage table and the practitioner applies the hands to specific areas of the body in a methodical pattern, usually 5 minutes at a time starting with the head and ending at the feet. Research into Reiki for anxiety can be found here: and here

• Timeline Therapy (TM) to remove emotional root cause of stress • Eye movements protocols and NLP for PTSD related stress • NLP Anchoring for states of relaxation • Higher Self Therapy from the Hawaiian Huna teachings. • Communication Courses for stress in relationships


• FREE 30 DAY ANXIETY PACKAGE which you can download for free from the website resources free stuff page at

• FREE seminars at The School of Dreams

• FREE 30 minute coaching sessions for relaxation go to the BOOK ONLINE page of the website:

If you're feeling stressed there are MANY resources available at my clinic and online from many other NLP based life coaches. When you choose an NLP coach, bear in mind training length and standards are different in different places in the world - it's a good idea to ask you coach if they belong to a professional association with a code of ethics. I belong to NZANLP, The New Zealand Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and you can find my name listed there as a professional member.

The question is, what kind of life do you want? Stressed to the max, or motivated and relaxed.

When your resources exceed the size of your problem, stress reduces.

What are you going to do about it? Keep plugging on or reach out and learn some cool new ways to run your brain and teach it how to relax your mind and your body?

So many options...

Which will you choose now?

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