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Get on Track - how to... FREE SEMINAR...

How do you know when you're 'on track' or 'on purpose' in life?

One place to start is to cast your mind back to times when you feel light, motivated, excited or looking forward to something.

In NLP coaching we have specific questions we ask to find out what was important to you about that memory.

Were you inside or in the outdoors?

Were you alone, or with people? Or with animals?

Was it morning, afternoon, evening, or late at night?

Was music involved? Or food? Or conversation? What type of conversation? What type of people?

What were you doing?

Were you working with your hands or your head?

Were you talking or listening?

.....we drill down and down and down to find out what lights your body up.

In Hawaiian Huna they call the body Ku - the seat of the unconscious, or memory, emotion and awareness of the past.

Ku tells us a lot of what we need to know. If we pay less attention to the words and more to the tone of voice, the spark in the eye, whether you suddenly sit up, whether your skin tone changes at a certain moment during the conversation....

In Western Culture, in my opinion, a lot of these signals have been missed in favour or 'logic' and 'words' and 'reason'. When they are noticed, it's whether a certain question in mind - What's wrong with the patient?... for example - looking for signs of illness rather than joy.

In coaching we are on a gold mining mission - to find the little clues of joy and excitement from the story of your life to help your conscious mind - (Lono in Hawaiian Huna) notice what Ku is saying rather than over-riding and ignoring it.

Which brings us to another point.... How much are you ignoring Ku - ignoring what your body tells you?

How much are you pushing on, pushing through because of a belief that you 'should', 'must', 'ought' or 'have to' because someone a long time ago told you to sit up straight, stop complaining, eat all your greens and wouldn't let you leave the table until you did.

No matter the good intentions of such training, there comes a time when we need to listen to Ku again. Exhaustion. Overwhelm. Crisis. Anxiety. Depression. These are all clues that Ku is not experiencing the joy you were here to experience most of the time and it wants Lono to pay attention. Please, Now!

And we have a culture that overrides this and is only interested in how productive and useful you are.

Which is kind of sad, really?

Because, 'Whose life is it anyway'?

If it's not your life, whose life is it?

In the Get on Track FREE seminar we will deep dive a bit further in how to get in touch with your inner compass - to listen to Ku and read the signs again... and use those clues to get back on track with what's important to you.

Maybe there is not path before you - maybe your soul here to carve out new paths - to be a trailblazer for others?

And we will look into that too.

My mission is to have these conversations with anybody and everybody who is ready to listen and to thereby transform our culture and our world. I want a world where everyone has found their niche in life and experiences the joy that flows on from that.

When the missionaries arrived in Hawaii they were amazed at how happy the people there seemed to be, how free of disease.

Recently, in learning more about the since suppressed Huna traditions of Hawaii, I've learned how important culture is in programming us all.

And if we are feeling upset, sad, anxious, or depressed, rather than beating up on ourselves, lets notice the cultural programming that is running in the background and just take a moment to double check how well that is working for us right now, as individuals.

And maybe borrow from other cultures that have discovered a few things that might work better.

NLP Trainer Tad James modelled one of the Huna processes and called it Timeline Therapy (TM) which I trained in during my NLP training in 1996. It's great for identifying the root cause of negative emotions and releasing them so that old patterns and habits don't keep repeating.

But this year I was introduced to several other processes from Huna which allow us to release negative emotions on a deeper level, forgive others more easily, and make contact with our higher selves to get a new perspective (for Lono) on current challenges.

Many clients since January this year have found the processes incredibly helpful.

I feel excited because it means we don't have to keep carrying around all that heavy baggage from the past. We can instead open the luggage, take out the positive lessons, release the negative emotions from our neurology and body (Lono and Ku) and feel lighter, freer and more motivated.

As my wonderful NLP colleague Lynn Timpanny says, this is all about 'the evolution of consciousness'.

If you also believe in growing, learning, expanding, releasing the past and moving into new, lighter, more empowered ways of being, then I invite to you to come along to this free seminar and the others I'm offering on wacky Wednesday evenings.

And if you know others, bring them along too.

When we heal ourselves, we heal the collective. The collective conscious.

So come along. Sign up on the FB event link below and.... Let's heal ourselves. And thereby our world.

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