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ANXIETY - An NLP mindset-shift approach

What do you do with anxiety?

Does it make you tense at work, interfere with your relationships, or keep you up at night? What would your life be like if anxiety only showed up when it was useful? And the rest of the time you could feel relaxed and clear-headed?

How Anxiety runs in the mind...

Often anxiety is sponsored by asking ourselves "What if..." in our mind's ear and then moving our eyes to the place where the mind creates mental pictures, and once we are looking in that direction, we imagine all the things that could go wrong in the future.

Shifting Anxiety

There are several cool ways to shift the sensation of anxiety; to find out what the underlying concern is, or to simply shift a series of thoughts that the brain has learnt to "repeat" - like a song that gets stuck in your head.

How Many Coaching Sessions Are Required?

In my experience one or two coaching sessions is often enough to address this and sometimes we get some time left over to get rid of a phobia, get the unconscious mind fully on board with a goal, or get some clairty about future life direction by finding out what YOUR REAL DREAMS are!

Life is short. It's cool to extract all the juice and all the joy out of every moment. This week I've witnessed the most amazing changes in clients. I love the work I do and showing people cool new ways to run their brain.

Give me a call and lets have a chat about how I can help you, or your workplace, get rid of anxiety and go to the next level.

Phone 0275 11 69 94 or email david@yourrealdreams or if you just want to book an appointment online now and get it sorted click here

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