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The Mission Statement



The mission of Your Real Dreams is to help people around the world achieve their dreams in a way that is ethical and holistic. In doing this we pay attention to:


  • Dreams - the deepest wishes of the human heart for better health, wealth, relationships, connection, creativity, and freedom

  • Acceptance - the acknowledgement first that you are perfect, and where you are is perfect (an essential first step)

  • Compassion - to love and accept yourself and your life, no matter what perceived failings or shortcomings you think you have

  • Ecology - no change happens in isolation, in fact every change effects every other part of your life, so understanding ecology is essential for lasting changes and transformation

  • Self-knowledge - education and empowerment through tools and skills is an important step toward your dreams

  • Authenticity - this is your life, so it is important to be authentic, real and honest, about who you want to be and what you want to do with this one wild and precious life. 

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