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Let Go Of Your "Should"

Most of us carry around a long "should" list all the time. 

I "should" be a better son. 

I "should" go to the gym more often. 

I "should" be more organised. 

The problem is that these "should's" do nothing but eat away at our confidence, our joy, and our self-love. Most of the time, we actually have a valid reason why we aren't doing what we should.

But instead of honoring and validating ourselves, we berate, we criticize, and we whip ourselves. 

When times are hard, what you NEED to do is to tap into that fountain of inner wisdom - you know, the one that has been screaming at you all along to please, please listen. 

In 'You Can Heal Your Life' the author Louise Hay provides a wonderful strategy for helping to release the "should's" and understand yourself in a deeper and more compassionate way. 

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