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Kids & Teens


Learning, growing, flourishing

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life?"

- Mary Oliver, poet

Adults are not the only ones that can benefit from coaching. 

We see a lot of children and teenagers who benefit from coaching for a range of reasons. 

Learning challenges, problems with friends, bullying at school, coping with a loss, and lacking confidence in self, are all super common reasons that parents send their kids to us. 

David has been a teacher in high schools for nearly two decades - so he has been working with kids for a long time, and understands many of their issues! 

When we work with young people, it is important that we are clear: we are focusing on the goals and priorities of the kids, not the parents.


For example: maybe a parent sends their son along for help with grades, but he is dealing overwhelm, anxiety, and communicating his needs to his parents. 


Or parents want their daughter to be more assertive and confident, but she really wants to talk about how to become an artist when she grows up. 

So we let the young people set the agenda. It has to benefit them first and foremost.  But we also look at the family as a whole, and aim to find a win-win outcome for both parents and kids, so through the process they become closer, and understand each other better.

What does my programme involve? ​

  • Building confidence 

  • Accelerated learning

  • Techniques to deal with school & home stress

  • Identifying personality types (to understand every kid's uniqueness)

  • Understanding individual educational styles 

  • NCEA support & tutoring

  • Helping with family communication 

  • Goal setting

  • Help with reading/writing/speaking

​I have experience working with young people who are: 

  • Lacking confidence in self 

  • Anxious & overwhelmed 

  • Struggling to pass NCEA

  • Angry, feeling low, and/or struggling to communicate 

  • Experiencing bullying 

  • Lacking future direction and career direction (year 12 and year 13 students)

How will you benefit: 

  • Learn how to deal with difficult emotions in a positive and practical way 

  • Improve school grades with accelerated learning 

  • Improve relationships with better communication 

  • Align personal motivation & values with school and life

  • Identify unique personality type & learning style

  • Feel happier, more relaxed and more confident

"What you dream, you will become." 

Dr. Adriana James

Discovery Session: not sure what you want? 
Book a single session to discover and unlock your future path, your hidden goals and desires, and to understand your values and personality type.
Dream Life Package: know what you want, but not how to get it? 
Book a 3-hour or 6-hour package to help you design your path, build confidence, identify resources, and blast through blocks or limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of you launching your new life today. Comes with free ebooks and online tools.
Dream Builder Package: you are on the path already, but need support? 
Book ongoing sessions to suit your schedule, either paid in advance or as you go, for as long as you like, and cancel anytime. Sessions will support you on the way, dealing with obstacles as they arise, and keep you focusing on your goals and plans. Comes with free ebooks and online tools.
Discovery Session: 
  • Single one-off payment of $99
Dream Life Package: 
  • Option 1 - 3 hours for $269 (save $31) *
  • Option 2 - 6 hours for $499 (save $99) *
  * FLEXIBLE PAYMENTS - pay it all upfront or  weekly/fortnightly.
Dream Builder Package:
  • Option 1: Recurring payment of $90 every two weeks or $45 every week (save $20 monthly)
What do clients say? 

"Dave is very, very engaging with outstanding knowledge and skills…he is so expressive and entertaining and completely exceeded my expectations with his ability to deliver his material…Thank you Dave for an awesome afternoon, I look forward to the next session!"

- Stephanie, Auckland.

“My coaching Session with David was great. It put a lot in perspective for me. Now I’ve got a new job and I am very happy. He did a great follow up. I highly recommend his professional service and approachable personality.”

Daniela, Whangarei

"The NLP session  was fantastic and made me feel empowered and in control of my situation. I would definitely recommend that anyone go that needs help with any situation in their life and David is great to work with as he has a very gentle approach".

Kia, Whangarei

"If you have any emotional blocks or would just like to polish your voice or presentation skills David is the man for you to see. He is an inspirational and passionate voice coach with a wealth of knowledge in performing and presentation skills. I have had the privilege of having individual coaching with him as well as attending one of his voice workshops. Using his skills as a voice coach and an NLP practitioner, I have learnt to speak clearly and present myself with confidence. In my individual sessions with David I was able to work on personal blocks that prevented me from feeling comfortable speaking in front of groups. I have greatly improved my confidence in public speaking and have recently presented a workshop of my own in which I felt totally relaxed and confident."

Patricia, Christchurch

“I was feeling quite lost with my work and my life direction when I came to see David. He really helped me to see the ways I wasn't looking after myself, areas in my life I wasn't being authentic, and helped me to resolve a hell of a lot of inner conflict. Thanks to David and his coaching, I have left a good job that I wasn't enjoying, I am starting a new business of my own, and I feel the most comfortable in my own skin that I have ever felt before! Thanks David, it really has changed my life each time I have come to see you. Highly recommend your services to others.”

Joe, Whangarei

"Dave is amazing, and the shifts he can help you achieve are nothing less. I have recommended several members of my family see Dave, and each have come away with astounding results.
My 17 year old was failing physics and english, and in just a few sessions, Dave taught him a few tricks which saw him passing at the end of the year.
His workshops in communication are also invaluable.
If you want real, meaningful change - talk to Dave!"

- Kate, Whangarei

 "Anxiety is a warning sign from the unconscious mind to focus on what you want."
– Tad James, PhD

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