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Ho'oponopono help people to forgive & heal relationships.

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Forgive, love, & heal

Struggle to let go of the past?


Still feel upset, angry, or sad about old arguments?


Do you find many people in your life 'trigger' you?


Ho'oponopono is sometimes referred to as The Forgiveness Process, and it comes from Hawaiian Huna.


To be 'pono' in Hawaii was 'to be right' – but that doesn't mean to be 'correct' or 'You are wrong and I am right'.


It comes from the idea that we are all connected, and to be 'pono' is to be 'right' with yourself, and 'right' with others. A state of being, a feeling of congruency.


When there isn't congruency between people, it doesn't just affect you -- it affects your health, your environment, and the entire community around you.


Ho'oponopono restores the 'pono' state of being with the people in our lives, and also the people in our past.


When you are pono with people, everything feels comfortable and easy between you, and life feels harmonious again.


EXAMPLES of what Ho'oponopono might be useful for:


  • feelings of hurt/betrayal by old lovers or family

  • feeling angry or frustrated with people

  • experiencing conflict with work colleagues

  • struggling to deal with children or teenagers who are changing & growing

  • not feeling seen or heard by others

  • releasing 'old stuff' so you can be present, in the here and now, with others




This technique has been taken to the United Nations in 2000, and has been researched in a 2007 clinical trial in Hawaii to reduce stress and stress-induced high blood pressure in 23 participants. As well as a reduction in 11.86 mm Hg systolic blood pressure, participants also found their scores on spirituality significantly increased.

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