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Higher Self Therapy helps you to become the hero of your story

Want to experience Higher Self Therapy?

Book a single session. 

Time to sort out your life?

Book a 6 week coaching package.

Find Your Ideal Self

Want to feel more guidance in your life? 


Want to improve your spiritual connection?

Feel that your life has become unbalanced, or you have lost the way? 


Higher Self Therapy is a process that comes from a blend of neurlolinguistics and Hawaiian Huna counselling. It aims to improve the connection to the amakua – the higher self, the part of your mind that is connected to the whole universe.


The higher self is also another name for your Ideal Self.

Somewhere in your subconscious, is the blueprint for the person you are becoming. 

The 'you' inside that knows all things, who you want to be, and what you should do right now.


A stronger connection with this aspect of yourself will result in reduced stress, access to deep wisdom from within, and a balancing of the mind, soul and body.


During Higher Self Therapy, you will:


  • learn breathing techniques to centre & energise yourself

  • experience a powerful connection to the higher self

  • learn how to dialogue with the higher self and ask it questions

  • work methodically through the many aspects of your life

  • identify where in your life you require the most balance (using The Map of Meaning)


As well as a therapeutic technique to ground the mind in wisdom, it is also a practice for you to develop spiritually at home. You learn how to do this process for yourself, and continue to benefit over time.

Ideally, you will practice this technique often, and become the person you were born to be.

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