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Find your super power, save the world.

Do you feel called to make a difference in the world? 

Have you often wondered if you have a life purpose?

Do you sometimes wish you had a special superpower? 

The Hero Programme is a 100% online coaching programme that provides ideas to inspire you, and exercises to transform you and your life. You get a new chapter unlocked every day for 7 days, and receive lifetime access to complete it at your leisure. 

Some of the things we explore include: 

  • Inauthenticity -the 7 masks people wear;

  • Authenticity - your psychological personality type;

  • What to do when dealing with difficult people;

  • How to live with courage and integrity;

  • How to honor your head and your heart;

  • What your unique superpower is;

  • How your joy will help you save the world. 

To enrol, click here for more info! 

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An intuitive and easy online learning platform, that you can access on your laptop or mobile, anytime and anywhere!

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Learn about psychology, personal development, research, and practical ideas to create a life, where you can be you!

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For 1 week, receive articles, exercises, and over 2 hours of videos.

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Download exercises as PDF documents.


  • Receive 2x emails a month for 4 months with reflection questions, prompts, and encouragement, to keep you on your hero mission! 

  • 10% discount on any coaching service or package​ at Your Real Dreams

To enrol, click here for more info!

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