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Life coaching anytime, anywhere, to suit your schedule. 

What, in a nutshell, do you offer?

 I show people how to use their brain to quit what's not working and to create a new path forwards. That can apply to habits, relationship patterns, thought patterns, emotional patterns and cycles of unhelpful behaviour that keep repeating. It's also useful for meeting a new challenges or crises that life throws your way - increasing tools and resources so you can rise to meet that challenge.

How many sessions do I need? 

You and I decide together based on your goals and needs. Some people get powerful change and transformation in a single session, while others benefit and prefer regular sessions over weeks or months especially if they have things they want to change in lots of different areas of their life. Techniques can alter and powerfully change the structure of the mind in very little time, but some people want to make deep or widespread change to their lives, that might require some ongoing support or accountability. 


Overall, I respond to the needs of my clients, and support you with as few or as many sessions as you like. I'll say if I think a particular issue needs more sessions, but also, I find clients sense within themselves after the first session because NLP coaching tends to plug you back in to your inner wisdom. 

Are your services covered by insurance, WINZ or ACC? 

Not currently, but many clients break-down the cost of coaching over numerous regular payments, to make it affordable.​  If you have a community services card, I am happy to negotiate a discount. Please mention this when you first enquire.

What's the difference between a life coach and a counsellor? 

Counsellors are trained to talk, and listen to the content and stories of your life to help you make sense of what has happened or to get things off your chest. Life coaches have more of a practical, action-oriented approach.  A life coach can help set you up with a road map between where you are, and where you want to go.  That said, it's very important that your life coach is trained not just in techniques and solutions, but has the listening skills to help you feel heard and understood, because ultimately the solutions and the goals you create for your future will arise from inside of you. In the way I work, it's not always necessary to hear the entire story behind a problem. The magic happens by leading you through a process where your unconscious mind can find a better ending to your story - and I don't always need to know the details of the sad parts of a story - often clients can attend to that in their own mind by simply following the structure of a process. This means you can choose the level of privacy that you are comfortable with.

What is neurolinguistic programming (NLP)? 

NLP is a form of therapy that was developed in the 1970's that borrowed concepts from psychology, family therapy, linguistics, neuroscience, hypnotherapy, and indigenous concepts of mental health. The basic premise is that the brain is like a computer, and while each person has identical hardware, the software programmes (e..g. anxiety, confidence, anxiousness, anger) can be edited or deleted (released).


Is NLP pseudoscience? 

NLP is focussed on how your subjective experience is structured which makes it challenging to compare what you experience with what another person experiences because there are so many variables between each unique human being. So, the question probably is not that useful. It's probably more useful to ask whether there's any evidence that NLP is effective for helping people with common concerns? After a poor start in the 1980s, there has since been a steady increase in controlled, peer-reviewed studies published on NLP with some exciting results. If you'd like a pdf of the research we've gathered with links to the relevant journals, send me a message using the contact form below.

Do you work with children and teenagers? 

I was a teacher for over a decade before become a life coach. Over the years I have found that when teenagers and children are "made" to attend sessions, the results are limited. So now we always request the parents to come for a session first, to get a clear perspective on what the issues are, and to support parents with clarity, connection and communication skills. After that, it may be appropriate for your child or teenager to come in for sessions IF they agree and own the concern that they want to address. Often their concerns are different to the concerns their parents are worried about. I find that working with parents on their worries and concerns first somehow clears the air in the way they interract with their child or teen and often the parent can then actually be the helper in that situation rather than me. And that can be quite an awesome process. So if your child or teen refuse to come in, I can still work with you because you are part of the family system and this will impact them. I'm happy to explain more and give examples of how this can play out if you call me.

Do you work with businesses and corporations? 

Yes, we have worked with different businesses and corporations over the years, but compared to other business coaches, our approach is different. We are not here to teach you about business strategies, but focus on the human aspect of the business. This is because most business owners, CEO's and employees know what they are supposed to do, but need support to work through challenges in communication, interpersonal skills, and to get some tools to help with managing the emotional side of things eg how confidence, self-care, anxiety, fear, empathy and so on affect the atmosphere and thus productivity of a workplace.

Do you have other questions about how NLP based coaching can help you quit old patterns and create new ones for yourself, your family, or your organisation? 

Please ring me on +64 (0) 275 11 69 94 or email me using the contact form below.

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