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Emotional Release Therapy will help remove blocked emotions.

Want to experience Emotional Release Therapy?

Book a single session. 

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Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

What emotions weight you down?


What limiting belief holds you back?


Do you want to let it all go and feel light again?


Emotional Release Therapy is a process that comes from a blend of neurlolinguistics and Hawaiian Huna counselling. It aims to release emotions that have become 'stuck', or limiting beliefs that hold you back.

According to traditional Hawaiian beliefs, the mind and body are designed to release emotions freely and quickly. It is natural to feel and express emotions, and to then let them go for good.


But because in the Western world we are not taught how (or encouraged) to do this, the subconscious stores emotions somewhere in the body, until the moment you are ready to finally let them go.

It doesn't take 'work' to clear negative emotions. It just takes permission, and allowing.

After entering this state of allowing and permission, the location of emotions/beliefs in the body are identified. Next, the negative emotions/beliefs from the past that longer serve you are released to the higher self.

In a single session, you can work with several, or even dozens, of emotions and beliefs, clearing them all.


We work numerous GROUPS of emotions in one session, including:

  • The Sadness Group: sadness, blue, low, down, depressed, remorseful, etc.

  • The Anger Group: angry, upset, rage, pissed off, annoyed, frustrated, etc.

  • The Fear Group: fear, tension, anxiety, apprehension, worry, etc.

  • The Guilt Group: guilt, shame, low self-confidence, regret, etc.


And some of the limiting beliefs people often work on include:

  • I am not good enough

  • I don't deserve this

  • I am good or skilled at this

  • No one will understand me

  • I can't do this

  • It will be hard


Through a fast process that mirrors an ancient Hawaiian practice of throwing emotions and problems into the fiery heart of a volcano, you release and heal the emotions and limiting beliefs, and move on with your life. 

As we are a bit short of active volcanoes in the rest of the world, this ritual has been altered so it can be done anywhere, with anyone and any issue - similar to how ho'oponopono was altered to make it possible to heal relationships with people not present in the room.


This is a more advanced technique than the well-known Timeline Therapy™ (which also comes from Hawaiian Huna) and is based on similar principles.

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