David Gill is a Life Coachin Whangaei with 20 years of experience

  David Gill   

Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Speaker, Teacher, Hypnotherapist, INFP 


"I show sensitive people how to thrive".


I first trained as an NLP practitioner 25 years ago and have been seeing clients since 2015.

During this time I've been exploring what it really means to have a sensitive, emotional nature in a world that seemed to reward the opposite traits.


I used to think that being wired this way was a problem.


I've since discovered it's an asset. Rather than being a liability, it can make you more resilient and focused.  

It took a while to change my inner story from "dis-organised mess" to becoming someone who can now get stuff done.


It was a light-bulb moment, however, when I realised that happiness and satisfaction do not come from proving you can be productive - in the eyes of others at least.


Instead, when we make self-acceptance more important than seeking the validation of the external world, something shifts inside.


When we start with self-acceptance, then the change we desire is more able to occur.


But it's more like a transformation than a process of "fixing" ourselves.


This is because we're human beings, not machines.

Thus my passion is now helping people to accept and embrace themselves. And to come up with their own definition of success.

Whether working with individuals, businesses, couples or corporations, this is the central work that needs to be done, for people to get the results that they actually desire - as opposed to what they think they want!

When a person is plugged back into their inner compass of values and priorities, it's much easier to set goals that are meaningful - and follow through on them.

We can show up as ourselves. And feel great doing so.

"What people yearn for is to be seen and  understood, so they can get back in touch with their heart-brain, which then drives their motivation."