David Gill is a Life Coachin Whangaei with 20 years of experience

David Gill 

Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Speaker, Teacher, Hypnotherapist, INFP

David has been a practitioner for over 20 years, in his own journey to understand the human mind, personal growth, and inner transformation. 

Over this time period David has used his skills to heal his broken back, relieve the symptoms of chronic anxiety, shift from hopelessly single to happily married, and changed the story from "disorganised David" to becoming a successful entrepreneur and Vice President of the New Zealand Association of NLP.

His real passion is helping people to accept and embrace themselves. 

Whether working with individuals, businesses, couples or corporations, this is the central work that needs to be done, for people to get the results that they desire. 

Nothing can stop a person who knows exactly who they are. 

Unlike a lot of coaches, he doesn't believe in homework! David was a teacher for many years, and the research shows that more tasks and more homework often leads to worse results.

Instead, he focuses on using fast techniques to help the brain "download" organic motivation, goals with soul, and intrinsic truths. 

"What people yearn for is to be seen and  understood, so they can get back in touch with their heart-brain, which then drives their motivation."

David is a registered NLP practitiner with NZANLP