For much of his life, Joel was anxious. 

Joel suffered from depression and anxiety from middle school onwards. At times it was a mild tension, and he could function. Other days, it was bad. 

Instead of going to university, Joel went to naturopathic college to become a naturopath, herbalist, and overall health geek. 

While there, he came across NLP. 

At this stage, he was deep into counselling. Very deep. 

Neurolinguistic programming appeared to be a way out of the system, to heal himself, to recover independence and empowerment, and figure out what was going on. 

He signed up to do practitioner level NLP in Auckland in 2008. 

Best. Decision. Ever. 

It didn't fix everything. Of course not. 

But it gave him tools Joel never new existed, and never needed counselling again.

Later Joel qualified as a NLP practitioner, herbalist, naturopath, Reiki master, and came across David in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The two fell in love, and become one of those strange, rare couples, that talk personal development and MBTI over dinner. 

It took quite a few years of nagging before he got David to open his coaching practice.

Today, Joel enjoys his dream to be a crazy hermit in the woods, brewing herbs and potions, baking bread, and talking to plants. 

He is also David's web developer/designer. 

David is very grateful.




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