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Life Coaching
If you woke up tomorrow and you already had the clarity you desire, what would be different or better about your life?

Why would anyone ever need a coach? And what does a coach even do? 

There's a bit of overlap these days. But if a counsellor helps you to understand and come to terms with problems in your life, a coach is a professional who helps you to identify what  kind of life you intentionally want to create.  That is a generalisation - but it's the gist of it.

I see my clients as unique individuals, who aren't supposed to feel that they cannot be themselves. The world needs you to be you, not as anyone else. If you've experienced a lot of criticism in the past, and most people have, you won't get that from me. I hold up a mirror to the best aspects of you, so you see what your core values and strengths really are - what lights you up. Human beings need another human being in their life who holds up a mirror so they can see their own light shine. Then a lot of things click into place - such as life direction and clarity around purpose and meaning or what your next step is.

Think of your favourite 3 authors, or your favourite 3 musical bands, or your top 3 role models. Would they have achieved what they did, if they were trying to be like everyone else?

In addition to basic counselling skills, listening, chatting and encouraging you, coaches also provide practical support, help you to see your core values with more clarity, provide psychometric tests, and teach you to have a holistic view of success and life balance.

It's time for you to become the hero of your story. ​

Often the issues we help with include: 

  • business professionals, CEO's and entrepreneurs dealing with overwhelm

  • people too worried what people will say or think about them to quit a job, pursue a new activity or be fully themselves;

  • blocked creatives and artists;

  • parents or couples who are upset their relationships aren't living up to their expectation

  • people with no dream or plan for their lives, but they want one. 

Examples of what we might actually do in the clinic: 

  • Sip a cup of hot herbal tea;

  • a light conversation about your life and where you are going;

  • a deep conversation about the inner machinery of your neurology;

  • teach you how to set goals at the unconscious level & resolve inner conflicts that hold you back from making good decisions;

  • we may look at some tests to reveal personality type, character strengths, etc.

  • teach communication skills to use with co-workers and family ;

  • show you your "superpowers";

  • help you define boundaries and gain clarity;

  • use researched NLP techniques for stress, creativity, courage, or healing;

  • get you OUT of your head and back into your instincts;

  • Notice the positive shifts and changes that have already started happening.

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