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Anxiety 30 Day Package

Anxiety is a growing problem for the Western world, with more and more  people feeling scared, tense, apprehensive, and as a result losing sleep, losing energy, and losing happiness. 

Today anxiety is currently one of the number 1 reasons why people come to see us in clinic. 

According to a poll by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), Americans were significantly more anxious in all areas of life - health, relationships, money, politics, and safety - in 2018 compared to 2017.  Similar trends are appearing in New Zealand research and Australian research

Here's the catch: there are SO many evidence-based and effective tools for anxiety!  Natural methods and therapies for anxiety, stress and exhaustion are everywhere. But no one seems to realize that they exist... or how much research on anxiety is actually going on. 

We wanted to put together a small care package for all the people out there who just need some help, guidance, and support. 

In this FREE downloadable zip file you will find: 

  1. A 30-day e-book to quit anxiety (with mindset tools, natural medicines & lifestyle advice)

  2. An audio of a powerful technique to release fearful emotions 

  3. A PDF of an easy NLP process to help you feel STRONG confidence in 5 minutes.

Why this programme is amazing:

  1. Well, you know, it's FREE. 

  2. Scientific with tons of peer-reviewed research & reference links

  3. Easy & simple recommendations that anyone can use

  4. You can benefit immediately (and some recommendations require shopping)

  5. This is the best advice, tools and techniques we use every day in clinic, all in one free package. 


This is for educational purposes only and is not a replacement for medical care. If you suffer from anxiety, you should contact your doctor and a mental health professional. If you are on medications, always check with your prescribing physician before combining meds with herbal medicines, supplements, or other products that may interact.

Need help with anxiety? 

No need to go through this alone. 

Contact us today about  coaching

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