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David Gill offers Life Coaching in Whangarei

David Gill
"I show you how to QUIT stuff WELL & build a new life that suits you!" 

Life COACH    NLP Practitioner    Ericksonian hypnotherapist   

What's holding you back at the moment?

Maybe you want to know how to deal with...

Stress at work?

Feeling anxious?

Addictive habits? 


Maybe you'd really like to QUIT...

♡ your boss

♡ your job or business

♡ being so hard on yourself

♡ fear of public speaking

♡ old habits

♡ eating too much

♡ excess weight

♡ smoking

♡ anxious thoughts

 ♡ feeling tense all the time

♡ relationship patterns

♡ feeling guilty and obligated

♡ old ways of communicating

♡ pleasing others

♡ mental & emotional blocks & habits that are holding you back


What else would you like to quit right now?


What would you like to create more space for in your life?

What do I do?

I create space for your unconscious mind to let go of the old & create the new. 

Space to talk about your concerns and

Space to explore and make changes.

Space for new opportunities to arise.

I show you HOW to QUIT stuff and build
a life that suits you more.

I show you ways to gently let
go of 'stuff' that no longer serves you and transition to
a life that fills you with meaning and purpose.


We take the big concerns, and add more tools and resources so that those concerns and  worries are so much smaller by comparison to your new tool kit!


This means you can approach change with more confidence, clarity and creativity.


Even excitement!

Click here to RING or text me on +64 (0)275 11 6994 or email me on the contact form below and if I can't talk straight away, we set up a free 15 minute appointment where I listen to what you need and explain how my approach could help.

I'm based in
Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand and also offer online consultations via zoom. 

What do I actually do? 

I help you to

  • understand the language of your emotions

  • notice what your feelings reveal about your true desires and what you really want out of life 

  • release any fears of judgement or criticism from others - or yourself;

  • connect your brain back to your own inner guide map;

  • show you why the world needs you to be you, not someone else;

  • quit thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habits which don't align with who you want to be;

  • assist you finding and bringing about your real dreams in life

It's time to become the hero of your own life story.

Are you ready?

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