David Gill offers Life Coaching in Whangarei

David Gill
"I show sensitive people how to thrive".

Dear Sensitive Soul, 

What are your real dreams?

And what's getting in the way?

Is this you?

You feel stopped

You get excited about an idea, but one negative comment

& you crumple inside?

Other people's advice just doesn't feel right, 

but you're not sure what else to do, 

so you tried their solutions out, 

but now you're feeling stuck and unhappy about it.

If I could show you how to stop worrying 

about what people thought of you

and how to let go of your own self-criticism,

and pent up negative emotions,

who would you love to be now?

What do I actually do? 

I help you to

  • understand the language of your emotions

  • notice what your feelings reveal about your true desires

  • release the fears of judgement and criticism;

  • connect your brain back to your own inner guide map;

  • show you why the world needs you to be you, not someone else;

  • assist you finding and bringing about your real dreams

It's time to become the hero of your tale.

Are you ready?